quinta-feira, 1 de dezembro de 2005

Nokia launched the first UPnP enabled device

Last 29 November (tuesday), Nokia announced the first mobile device that is able to aply UPnP for doing ubiquitous (seamless) home media networking. The Nokia N80 was released with 2 another new devices, the N71 and N92, in the beggining of november. Using N80, you will now do things like listen to music stored on your computer (or through a UPnP-enabled living room audio system), or send photos or slides from your N80 to be presented on your home TV-set. The device can send files to be wirelessly printed on a printing kiosk, or a UPnP compatible printer. Since it is using UPnP, discovering of these devices is almost automatic, users don't need to know too much about the network infrasctructure.
A 3-MegaPixel digital camera is another very good feature in this mobile device. And it has the same size of a credit card. But the features that are more impressive are the ones related with UPnP.

See below: